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Dave Black Designs

Updated: Feb 28

Meet Dave, a true master of woodworking from CNY! For as long as he can remember, he has had a deep passion for crafting beautiful pieces of art from natural wood and repurposed old industrial items. His specialty lies in creating live edge pieces that retain their natural state as much as possible, making each piece a unique and one-of-a-kind design as he states.

Dave takes great care in his craft, and the process is a labor of love that can take up to a month or longer to complete. He begins by carefully kiln-drying the wood, followed by hours of sanding, and grinding away to achieve perfection, and then several days of meticulous finishing touches. The natural rings and patterns in the wood are a testament to not just the tree's history but also reveal its struggles and stresses over time.

custom charcuterie boards

Beyond his live edge work, Dave is also known well for his custom charcuterie boards and serving trays that are unlike anything you can find in a store anywhere! If you're looking for something on a larger scale, Dave can help you design and build a variety of things from custom bar tops, countertops, table tops, and even beautifully crafted cabinets that will last a lifetime and then some!

custom charcuterie boards
custom charcuterie boards

You can see Dave's art locally at Dave's Dinner, or even as far away as Alaska! His passion and attention to detail shine through in every piece he creates, making each one a true work of art that will be cherished for many years to come.

Custom Table at Daves Dinner
Custom Table at Daves Dinner

Custom Table at Daves Dinner is shown above, it's amazing how the grain of the wood shines like a roaring fire, this piece really does have a story to tell like most of dave's other amazing pieces.

We are a Madison County Boutique Saw Mill & Kiln, offering live edge wood slabs for your every need.

Products include Maple, Black Walnut, Red Oak, Cherry, Apple, Butternut, Apple, Shagbark Hickory, White Pine & Catalpa.

Call 315-796-4863 for pricing.

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