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Juvenile Charged with Grand Larceny for Stealing Vehicles | New Hartford NY

Stealing Vehicles | New Hartford NY

On November 29th, 2023 New Hartford Police responded to investigate a report of a vehicle that had possibly been stolen from an auto repair shop on Seneca Turnpike and found abandoned in Madison County by Madison County Sheriff's Deputies.

A suspect in this case, who is a 15-year-old juvenile male, was developed and suspected of stealing the 2009 GMC Pickup Truck during the early morning hours of November 29th, 2023, and driving it into Madison County where it was found abandoned. At the time of the theft, the truck was in the process of being sold and the actual owner of the vehicle was not known to police for a period of time.

New Hartford Police Investigators were able to locate the actual owner who requested that an arrest be made for whomever stole the truck.

Today at approximately 11:30 am New Hartford Police Officers responded to Walmart on Commercial Dr. to investigate a report of another stolen vehicle taken from the Walmart Parking Lot this morning. While on scene responding police officers were able to quickly determine that the same 15-year-old male who was suspected of stealing the truck back on November 29th, had stolen another truck today.

Today the 15-year-old male stole a 2003 Chevrolet truck and drove it out of the parking lot onto Commercial Dr. Police later located the vehicle again in Madison County this time being operated by the same 15-year-old male.

With the assistance of The Madison County Sheriff's Office, the juvenile was turned over to New Hartford Police and charged with Grand Larceny in The Fourth Degree, a Felony. The juvenile was referred to The Oneida County Probation Department to answer these charges at a later date and at this time released to the custody of his parent.

Additional Charges are pending.

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