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State Police arrest Albany man for illegally possessing two handguns

On December 17, 2023, the State Police of Latham made a significant arrest that could potentially prevent future criminal activity. Kymir R. Pearson, a 32-year-old resident of Albany, NY, found himself in the custody of the authorities after being charged with multiple offenses.

These charges included two counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the second degree, three counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the third degree, and several Vehicle and Traffic Law violations that further aggravated his legal predicament.The incident took place at approximately 2:34 a.m. on Quail Street in Albany, NY. State Troopers noticed a vehicle committing a violation related to the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the driver of the vehicle was none other than Pearson, who was seemingly driving without a valid driver's license.

During the course of the investigation, law enforcement officers noticed a firearm within the passenger area of Pearson's vehicle. This discovery prompted a thorough search, leading to the identification of a second loaded handgun. Shockingly, one of the handguns included an illegal high-capacity magazine, further exacerbating Pearson's legal situation. It became evident that he did not possess the necessary pistol permit and was illegally in possession of these firearms.Taking swift action, Pearson was promptly apprehended and transferred to SP Latham for processing.

Subsequently, he was presented before the Albany City Court where he was arraigned. As a result of the charges levied against him, Pearson's bail was set at either $5,000 in cash, a $10,000 bond, or a $5,000 partially secured bond. Ultimately, he was remanded to the Albany County Correctional Facility, where he awaits further legal proceedings.

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