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Troopers in New York City Make Arrests for Stolen License Plates

Press Release


On April 26, 2024, State Police of SP Ward’s Island, Troop NYC, arrested JUSTIN WILDMAN, of Manhattan for operating with a stolen license plate from Massachusetts.Utilizing license plate readers, Troopers were able to find and identify a Chevrolet Suburban operating with the stolen plate.  Troopers arrested Justin Wildman for criminal possession of stolen property and charged him with PL165 and 165.4.

On April 26, 2024, State Police of SP Rockaway’s, Troop NYC, arrested ANGEL FLORENTINO of Brooklyn for operating a motor vehicle with a stolen license plate from Pennsylvania.A State Trooper was on patrol on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn when he observed a Chevrolet that had three children in the rear seat without proper safety belts and car seats.  Subsequently the Trooper discovered the license plate was stolen from Pennsylvania.  Florentino was charged with PL165 and 165.4, and was issued several traffic summonses.

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