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Utica Juvenile Criminal Possession of a Firearm

On August 23rd, 2023 at approximately 10:45 PM Utica Police units were dispatched to the plaza on the 1500 block of Genesee St regarding several males in possession of handguns standing beside the building.

Upon arrival, the males began to disperse and walk in different directions. One of the males began to walk in the roadway, in violation of NYSV&TL sections, and a stop was attempted on this party. As GIVE investigators attempted to stop the male, he fled on foot and a short pursuit was initiated. He was apprehended a short distance away, and while backtracking the route of flight, officers located a loaded .380 handgun that the male had discarded. This was further proven by the use of a thermal imaging device which showed a significant heat signature from the weapon.

Upon apprehending the male, they determined him to be a 17 year old juvenile. The male was then transported to the Utica Police Department.

While conducting the investigation there, they learned that the juvenile was recently arrested in early 2023 for possession of a separately loaded handgun.

At the conclusion, the juvenile was charged by an investigator with the Juvenile Aid Unit with:

Criminal Possession of a weapon in the second degree Criminal Possession of a Firearm

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