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Vanderbilt Avenue Partial Building Collapse in Oneida NY

Press Release:

An exterior wall of a commercial building located at 122 Vanderbilt Avenue in Oneida was discovered collapsed this morning. No one was injured. Vanderbilt Avenue will be closed until further notice.

Due to the condition of the building, it will be taken down due to its safety condition. Portions of the surrounding streets will be closed today during the building’s deconstruction. Traffic on Oneida, Broad, and Main Streets will be affected during the teardown.

Updates regarding street closures will be posted on the city’s website and department Facebook pages.

Higginbotham Park is across from 122 Vanderbilt Avenue and within the safety zone. Due to the park’s location the City of Oneida Parks and Recreation Department has postponed the Christmas tree lighting event scheduled for this evening and indefinitely canceled the 2023 Parade of Lights event.

Joint Release Authorized by Police Chief Lowell Fire Chief Jones

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