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10th Annual Troopers vs Teachers Basketball Game in Jordan-Elbridge

On March 8, 2024, State Troopers from primarily Troop D – Zone Two, participated in the 10th annual Troopers vs. Teachers basketball game with staff members from the Jordan-Elbridge School District. The event is a way to positively interact with members of the local community along with fundraising for various student-led groups and school programs. Per Ryan Cooper (Basketball and Baseball Coach) and Retired Investigator Brain Kelly, event organizers, this year’s basketball game raised a total of $2246 dollars for the baseball and basketball programs.

The game was entertaining and had a “Cardiac Cuse” feel to it. The Troopers took a large lead into half-time lead by a barrage of scoring by multiple players. The teachers would make a comeback and take the lead in the second half, late into the game. The Troopers came back and tied the game and it went into overtime. The game remained tied and went into a second overtime. Troopers then took a three-point lead late and held on for a victory after suffering a loss in last year’s game.

Ryan Cooper and Retired Investigator Brian Kelly thanked the Troopers for their overwhelming support and community involvement in helping out their local school district.

The Troopers would like to thank the Troop D PBA for supplying jerseys!

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