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Buffalo Art Museum is now open after its expansion and redevelopment

Governor Kathy Hochul made a noteworthy announcement today regarding the Buffalo AKG Art Museum, which is widely recognized as one of the world's most prestigious modern and contemporary art museums. Following a massive $195 million expansion, restoration, and renovation project, the museum now boasts an impressive 50,000 square feet of exhibit space, five spacious classrooms, a brand-new restaurant, and an expansive public green space and community gathering area. This major development project, which includes the stunning new three-story Jeffrey E. Gunlach building and the restoration of two other historic buildings on the campus, is the most substantial in the museum's 160-year history.

The expansion has far-reaching economic implications for Western New York and is expected to have an annual impact of $34 million while also creating 134 full-time employment opportunities. With the anticipated increase in annual visitors of over 30 percent, the museum is projected to attract at least 160,000 visitors per year. The impact on the region's economy is expected to be significant, with an estimated $34 million in additional annual revenue from tourism alone.

Governor Hochul praised the museum's remarkable expansion, stating that the Buffalo AKG Art Museum is a world-class institution for modern and contemporary art that reflects the economic and cultural revival of Western New York in recent years. The museum's reputation has grown significantly in recent times, and the new expansion and campus are a true work of art that will attract travelers and support the regional tourism industry for many years to come. For those interested in viewing photographs of the expansion project, they are available for viewing online.

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