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ESPN+ Unveils July Major League Baseball Game Slate

ESPN today announced its ESPN+ Major League Baseball game schedule for July 2023. The slate begins with the Chicago White Sox hosting the Oakland Athletics on Sunday, July 2, at 4 p.m. ET.

ESPN+ July schedule highlights:

  • Multiple appearances by the World Series Champion Houston Astros, plus the Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves, and Chicago Cubs;

  • The surging Cincinnati Reds and rising phenomenon Elly De La Cruz in action on Thursday, July 20;

  • The Los Angeles Angels and Shohei Ohtani, who leads the league in home runs (29), close the month of games on Monday, July 31;

  • Classic rivalries take the stage including the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, and the Subway Series between the New York Mets and the New York Yankees;

  • Six days of doubleheaders, which include the Los Angeles Dodgers hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Toronto Blue Jays hosting the San Diego Padres, the Cincinnati Reds hosting the San Francisco Giants, the Baltimore Orioles visiting the Philadelphia Phillies, and the New York Mets hosting the Washington Nationals.

MLB on ESPN+ July Schedule*

DateTime (ET)Game

Sun, July 24 p.m.Chicago White Sox vs. Oakland Athletics

Mon, July 32 p.m.Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Tues, July 41 p.m.St. Louis Cardinals vs. Miami Marlins

Wed, July 52 p.m.Colorado Rockies vs. Houston Astros

Thurs, July 61 p.m.Oakland Athletics vs. Detroit Tigers

Thurs, July 610 p.m.Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Fri, July 79:30 p.m.New York Mets vs. San Diego Padres

Sat, July 81 p.m.Chicago Cubs vs. New York Yankees

Sun, July 94 p.m.Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Fri, July 147 p.m.Chicago White Sox vs. Atlanta Braves

Sun, July 164 p.m.Minnesota Twins vs. Oakland Athletics

Wed, July 1912:30 p.m.Cleveland Guardians vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Wed, July 197 p.m.San Diego Padres vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Thurs, July 2012:30 p.m.San Francisco Giants vs. Cincinnati Reds

Thurs, July 208 p.m.St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs

Fri, July 218 p.m.Atlanta Braves vs. Milwaukee Brewers

Sun, July 234 p.m.Houston Astros vs. Oakland Athletics

Mon, July 246:30 p.m.Baltimore Orioles vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Mon, July 247:30 p.m.Seattle Mariners vs. Minnesota Twins

Tues, July 2510 p.m.Toronto Blue Jays vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Wed, July 267 p.m.New York Mets vs. New York Yankees

Thurs, July 277 p.m.Washington Nationals vs. New York Mets

Thurs, July 278 p.m.Cleveland Guardians vs. Chicago White Sox

Fri, July 289:30 p.m.Texas Rangers vs. San Diego Padres

Sun, July 304 p.m.Texas Rangers vs. San Diego Padres

Mon, July 316:30 p.m.Philadelphia Phillies vs. Miami Marlins

Mon, July 317 p.m.Los Angeles Angels vs. Atlanta Braves

*Local blackout restrictions apply to all games

All ESPN MLB games and programming are also available to stream on the ESPN App.


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