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State Trooper Rescues Stranded Child in Town of Youngstown

On the morning of June 24th, 2022, an urgent call was made to New York State Trooper Adam Moen, SP Niagara, regarding an 8-year-old child who was stranded on a steep 20-foot ravine situated on the edge of Lake Ontario at Four Mile Creek State Park in the Town of Youngstown. Trooper Moen promptly responded to the call and quickly located the young victim who was situated on the shore below the ravine.

With great expertise and presence of mind, Trooper Moen utilized a nearby rope to rappel down the perilous ravine to reach the trapped child. Without wasting any time, he immediately calmed the young boy and helped him ascend the steep cliff to safety. The child, a resident of Grand Island, NY, was uninjured and was joyously reunited with his relieved parents who had been anxiously waiting at the top of the ravine. Trooper Moen's swift actions and heroic efforts were undoubtedly the decisive factors in ensuring that the child was rescued without any harm.

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