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Edison Diesel Hybrid Pickup Kit Is Being Released!

The Edison Motors company is releasing a retrofit kit for pickup trucks.

Have you heard about the Pickup Truck Conversion Kit from Edison Motors? This kit is a game-changer for pickup truck owners, allowing them to convert their existing solid-axle pickup truck into an electric drive with a diesel generator. Say goodbye to range anxiety and experience the high-torque electric powertrain with the reliability of a diesel engine.

The kit includes a powerful CAT® Diesel with Generator, 60-90KWh LiFePO Battery, CCS1 Port - DC Fast Charging, Disc brakes standard, and 600V HV System. You can choose between a Dually or SRW, and the kit comes in a drop-in box to a bed crate package.

By reserving a kit, you can help fund the development of this innovative technology while reserving a place in line to purchase a kit or become a dealer. Plus, you'll receive project-specific merch, and the amount for the reservation will be deducted from the final purchase price.

Edison Motors aims to create a dealership network supported by passionate truck enthusiasts who want to restore classic trucks or find something new. To become a certified Edison Dealer, you need to attend Edison Motors training sessions, have the facility and tools adequate for performing pickup truck conversions, purchase a minimum of 1 kit to be trained and certified on conversions, and uphold Edison Quality Standards.

The kits will be exclusively distributed in Canada and The United States following production in 2025. Edison Motors anticipates growing its dealership network internationally, driven purely by demand.

The best part? The kit is estimated to ideally retail for a third to half the cost of a new pickup, with fuel savings of 30% anticipated. Edison Motors estimates that the first production prototype based on Topsy's power electronics will be completed by September 2024, with testing and kit roll-out beginning afterward.

Are you ready to experience the power of the Pickup Truck Conversion Kit from Edison Motors? Reserve your kit today and be a part of the future of pickup trucks!

The Edison Diesel Hybrid Pickup Kit Is Being Released!

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